Pasture for Life invites farmers to join the second year of our Farming in Protected Landscapes Funded Programme in the North of England

21st May 2024

With a second year of Farming in Protected Landscapes funding secured, Pasture for Life welcomes farmers in the Protected Landscapes of the Lake District, Forest of Bowland, Nidderdale, North Pennines and Yorkshire Dales to sign up for free to the Pasture & Profit in Protected Landscapes Programme.

Pasture for Life event

After an enjoyable and informative first year, Pasture for Life are delighted to be able to continue to develop this programme, supporting farmers for free and building on the community that this programme has evolved into.

If you enjoy spending time on thought provoking farms and learning from other farmers, they welcome you to join by signing up to the programme, which includes free Pasture for Life membership too. At the heart of the programme are the events with wood pasture, soil health, dung beetles, herbal leys, butchery and marketing just some of the topics we intend to explore further in more detail. In addition to these events we have 2 study tours planned, a partnership with Innovative Farmers to establish a bracken field lab and a financial roadshow with Nethergill Associates calculating Maximum Sustainable Output on some of our farms.

As part of the programme they also have a group of farmers who are supporting other farmers by being their mentor. If you particularly want to explore new areas and need someone to bounce ideas off and discuss your plans with, having a mentor could really be of benefit for you. Pasture for Life event

To hear more about the programme from three of Pasture for Life's farmers Watch this video.

Please do get in touch, the Pasture for Life team would love to hear from you.  You can reach us by emailing Rob, Amy or Jane on, or or feel free to call Rob on 07967 379131 to chat it through.

Signing up is easy. Pasture for Life will provide you with a link to complete a short document and if having a mentor is something you are considering, the next steps for that are really easy too!

Pasture for Life event

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