Meadow Makers Project

8th April 2021

Bell Sykes Hay MeadowFollowing the successful Plantlife bid to the Green Recovery Challenge Fund, and our partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Bowland Hay Time will be delivered through the 2021 – 2022 Meadow Makers Project.  The countrywide project aims to restore over 500 hectares of species-rich grassland on 100+ sites and will include a nationwide engagement programme connecting 7000 people in local and wider communities to grassland heritage, improving their experiences and wellbeing.    

Our part in this project is to carry out 25 hectares of meadow restoration work at 11 sites in the Forest of Bowland area. Using a combination of "green hay" and brush harvested seed from our donor meadows, the meadow restoration work in the Forest of Bowland continues into its tenth year.

 The Project also provides funding for a trainee "Meadow Maker", a 6 month traineeship with Plantlife working with our project officer, aimed at encouraging young people into conservation work.

We will also be running meadow related events, both on site and online, over the course of the project, raising awareness of the work we do in the meadows and why it is so important.

For further details of the project and funding visit: 

NEW NOVEMBER 2021: Plantlife: saving wild plants latest film on why meadows matter has just been launched: 

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