North of England Curlew Conservation Awards

9th July 2024

Curlew by Deborah WoodsThe North of England Curlew Conservation Awards celebrates the work of farmers, volunteers and upland managers.

The event is organised by Nidderdale National Landscape and supported by National Landscapes and National Parks from across the north. 

Venue: Masham Town Hall, Market Place, Masham, HG4 4DY

  •  Sunday 18th August 2024

Time: 5:00pm to 8:30pm

This year’s award ceremony will feature:

  • Speaker on Curlew Conservation Amanda Perkins, Curlew Country
  • Speaker on Curlew Conservation, Tom Orde-Powlett, Bolton Castle Estate
  • Presentation by Rebecca Dickens – 2023 Overall Winner
  • Performance by the newly formed Pennine Hills Curlew Choir, following a series of workshops with Karen Lloyd and Mary Keith.
  • Poetry Readings, introduced by nature writer and poet, Karen Lloyd.
  • Screening of “The Lost Songstress” – a film produced by Alicia Hayden in partnership with Wader Quest, supported by their 2023 anniversary grant.
  • Curlew artwork display by local children.

Award Categories:

The Farmland Curlew Award
The Farmland Curlew award recognises the special efforts made by nature friendly farmers, who have curlew at the heart of their enterprises. Farmers who include curlew in their daily rounds, work tirelessly to identify and protect nest sites, often in partnership with local wader projects. Farmers who restore species rich meadows, sacrifice crops, and set land aside to create areas of cover and wetland features. Farmers who advocate for curlew, and work with communities, schools, colleges, organisations and government to promote conservation. We want to hear about the innovators and problem solvers who have found practical solutions to help curlew in our landscape. Farmers who show that however large or small a holding, there is always something that can be done to help curlews.

The Upland Curlew Award
The Upland Curlew award recognises the special efforts made by upland land managers who have a special interest in curlew. The uplands are often cited as the last stronghold for breeding curlew – something we shouldn’t take for granted. This year, we’re hoping to receive nominations for those who focus on curlew conservation in the uplands, restoring and maintaining habitat in this critical landscape, so characteristic of much of the north. Upland managers are often working at the landscape scale in partnership with conservation organisations – involved for example in projects to ring and survey birds, monitor and protect nests and restore and manage peatlands.

Young Curlew Conservationist Award
This award celebrates the effort of a young curlew conservationist, under the age of 18. They might have been involved directly in a curlew project or made a special effort to promote curlew conservation in school or college. They may have been involved in a project on the farm or in the uplands or created a work of art on a curlew theme.

Volunteer Award
Curlew projects often rely on the work of volunteers, who spend hours in the field, and provide the detailed data that is at the heart of the monitoring effort. They are often directly involved in efforts to protect nests and manage habitats. These volunteers demonstrate enormous patience and knowledge, their insights and hard work critical to projects across the north. This award is to recognise the special effort made by a volunteer and their important contribution to curlew conservation.


The awards are promoted via the Nidderdale National Landscape’s Ticketsource page:

Places at the award ceremony will be prioritized for people directly linked to curlew conservation – whether this is on a farm, in the uplands, at the coast or in a reserve. You might contribute directly to curlew conservation through your work, the arts or through volunteering.  Family members and friends of those directly involved are also welcome to book a place.

You’ll also need to book a place if you are part of the Curlew Choir.

To book, you will require a password – to access this, contact Matthew Trevelyan at, stating how many tickets you require and how you are linked to curlew conservation – or if you’re part of the choir.

 The remainder of the places will be available for members of the general public.

This event is totally free – however, you will have the opportunity to donate to Curlew Action, Wader Quest and Curlew Country on the day.

There will be a modest buffet and a bar available on the night.

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