Wildlife Calendar

  • March

    Hare © Barrie Tyrer

    First signs of spring begin to show and some animals begin to emerge from hibernation – that's if it is warm enough!  Daffodils are one of the first optimistic signs of spring as they show all over

  • April

    It's the time of year that signs of spring colour appear and the scent of wild garlic is prevalent in the woodlands.  Blackthorn flowers emerge in the hedgerows and lambs fill the fields!  Wading b

  • May

    Bluebells by Steven Kidd

    May is the first month in Bowland when things turn green, as leaves emerge on the trees and hedgerows and birds are nesting.

  • July

    Yellow rattle © P Rayner, YDMT

    With summer fully underway certain fields are a blaze with many species of wildflowers including yellow rattle, bird's foot trefoil, oxeye daisy, ragged robin, pignut, knapweed and devil's bit scab

  • August

    Heather © Jon Hickling

    During August the heather is in bloom on the Bowland moors turning the landscape a beautiful shade of purple.  The bright red-orange berries of rowan in wooded cloughs provide a rich feast for blac

  • October

    Autumnal tree, River Calder ©  Graham Cooper

    Roe deer are often seen in and around woodlands. 

    In October the autumnal leaves transform the trees, and once fallen they produce a great carpet blazing with reds and yellows.

  • December

    December is a month when all you want to do is stay in-doors in the warmth.

    But if you are willing to get wrapped up and venture outdoors, there is still nature to be seen and heard.