Ribble Rivers Trust


The RRT application to WEG was successful and peat restoration above Mearley is now being planned. A different solution will be needed for the access improvements as this part of the bid was not successful. RRT have employed a project manager for the WEG and site visits with the Pendle Team are planned for April 2019.

1st March 2019

Great Stone, Bentham (Jon Brook)

Report now produced and available to view at https://www.forestofbowland.com/Plans-Strategies-Reports

30th September 2018

The new Countryside Stewardship scheme (NELMS as was) encourages catchment based action through the funding of Facilitation Groups through a competitive process. In 2015, RRT were successful in getting funding for a group on the Loud catchment and the National Landscape team have contributed in the targeting of this group -  in particular - areas within the catchment where boundary restoration is a priority; farms with potential for meadow restoration.

1st September 2015 to 1st September 2019

Working group re-established in April 2014.

Will meet approx twice per year and direct biodiversity delivery through the development of annual delivery plans, made up from work across the delivery group.

1st April 2014

An assessment of the peatland restoration work still to be completed within the National Landscape area was undertaken as the Priority peat 2013 project, which was produced as a report in April 2014. The matrix approach allows priorities for action to be determined based on a large number of datasets and consultation with key partners. It has since been used to prioritise sites to be put into EU LIFE+ bids (2014 & 2015) and to direct EA funds to 'shovel ready' projects (eg work on Brown Syke, Abbeystead).

1st April 2014


1.2 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Action Targets and Timescales Partners
1.2D Explore opportunities for biodiversity offsetting with local planning authorities (recognising the mechanism as a last resort after options for avoidance and on-site mitigation have been exhausted)
Hold 'planning and development' seminar to discuss opportunities for biodiversity offsetting within the National Landscape
1.6 Historic Environment
Action Targets and Timescales Partners
1.6B Develop bid to Heritage Lottery Fund 'Landscape Partnership Scheme' for a landscape restoration programme for Pendle Hill area
Complete Stage 1 Bid planning
Submit Stage 1 bid
If successful:
Commence development phase
Submit Stage 2 bid
Commence LPS delivery
4.3 Monitoring and Evaluation
Action Targets and Timescales Partners
4.3B Develop the on-line 'Interactive Management Plan' (which enables partners and working groups to report on progress of individual projects and actions) to produce useful and user-friendly monitoring reports for the National Landscape Unit and partner organisations
Complete updated version of on-line 'Interactive Management Plan'