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This project aims to identify a minimum of 3 threatened hay meadow species; collect & propagate seed to bolster species numbers in their historic locations through plug planting.

Working with LERN and Lancashire Botany Group on historic records of floral species, and previously identified declining species; 5 potential species were identified: globe flower, melancholy thistle, bird's eye primrose, saw wort, and dyers' greenweed.  

The seed has been collected and propagated by volunteers with a view to planting plug plants out by September 2019.

1st November 2018

The 2018/19 traditional boundaries season began in early October with a two day dry stone walling course at Swainshead Hall Farm near Abbeystead, lead by master craftsman waller, Alan Rhodes, in partnership with the Dry Stone Walling Association. We also have 10 days of hedge laying planned with trainers Geoff Whitley, Joe Craig, Dave Padley and Andrew Kirkwood between October and January.

In additon, the Pendle Hill project will be holding training days in February and the annual hedge laying competition in March.

4th October 2018

Secured HLF funding to run an anniversary "Bowland Scrapbook" project to capture memories, stories and mementoes of the AONB during the past 50 years.  Project administered by Champion Bowland and delivered by external project manager with support from of a range of volunteers.

1st April 2014 to 31st October 2014

Separate Festival Bowland events brochure produced for 2014.

Festival Bowland programme for 2015 included as part of Discover Bowland guide.

2016 programme currently under development and will be included as part of discovery guide again.

1st January 2014


1.4 Species
Action Targets and Timescales Partners
1.4A Identify local and national 'species at risk' within the area; prioritise and carry out surveys where necessary and work with existing datasets/risk registers on populations of rare species in the AONB
Establish risk register
Commission surveys for 2 'priority species at risk'
Commission surveys for at least 2 further priority species at risk
1.4B Develop local species recovery plans for priority 'species at risk' identified; ensuring synergy with national species recovery plans where these exist
Produce 4 local species recovery plans
Produce at least 2 further local species recovery plans
3.6 Audience Development
Action Targets and Timescales Partners
3.6A Support and promote an annual Festival Bowland programme of partner-led events for both visitors and local communities
Produce a 'Festival Bowland' events calendar