Networks for Nectar project

Description of activity: 

The N4N project aimed to help create a living network of nectar hubs for bees and other pollinating invertebrates across the AONB by creating small patches of species rich grassland and corn field annual patches, mainly on non-farmed land such as in school grounds, businesses and community spaces.

The project created 25 nectar patches, 7 mini-meadows and worked at a field scale to restore 35 ha of meadows as well. The project worked with 10 community groups, 6 private landowners, 10 businesses and 5 schools. We organised 12 public events, attracting 170 people.

Expected outcomes of activity: 

Increase in the continuity of the network of nectar sites across the AONB, linking meadows and species rich sites.

Activity date: 
1st April 2014 to 31st March 2016