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As part of the Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership's Dementia-friendly Rail Project, the National Landscape Unit worked with the CRP and the Forestry Commission to develop a dementia-friendly route at Gisburn Forest & Stocks.  A new leaflet for the existing Birch Hills Trail Tramper route was produced, including additional information about the heritage and wildlife along the trail.  The Forestry Commission made and installed several new seats and a picnic bench along the length of the route, along with a number additonal waymarker posts, making the route easier to follow and also more accessible for visitors who are unable to walk long distances.

A group from Dementia-Friendly Keighley, along with members of the CRP and Northern, launched the route on Monday 4th September. They were accompanied by a representative from BBC Radio 5 Live who interviewed and filmed the participants as they followed the walk. The resulting film was then aired on the BBC.

4th September 2018

The N4N project aimed to help create a living network of nectar hubs for bees and other pollinating invertebrates across the National Landscape by creating small patches of species rich grassland and corn field annual patches, mainly on non-farmed land such as in school grounds, businesses and community spaces.

The project created 25 nectar patches, 7 mini-meadows and worked at a field scale to restore 35 ha of meadows as well. The project worked with 10 community groups, 6 private landowners, 10 businesses and 5 schools. We organised 12 public events, attracting 170 people.

1st April 2014 to 31st March 2016

Separate Festival Bowland events brochure produced for 2014.

Festival Bowland programme for 2015 included as part of Discover Bowland guide.

2016 programme currently under development and will be included as part of discovery guide again.

1st January 2014


1.4 Species
Action Targets and Timescales Partners
1.4F Play an active role in county-wide Invasive Non-native Species (INNS) projects such as 'Lancashire Invasives', to help manage and eradicate Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed and Giant hogweed in the National Landscape
Organise 15 volunteer days per year
Complete INNS Strategy and Action Plan
Secure funding for continuation of county-wide INNS project for Lancashire