A new scheme is currently in feasibility/development stage with ENWL to underground sections of low and higher voltage lines between the village of Holden and Wycongill Farm, above Bolton-by-Bowland.  This scheme will replace the two schemes previously aborted due to issues with landowner permissions.

30th October 2017 to 19th April 2018


1.7 Planning and Development
Action Targets and Timescales Partners
1.7H Continue to work with Electricity North West Ltd. on the delivery of the ENWL-funded 'Undergrounding for Visual Amenity' programme to underground visually intrusive overhead power lines in and around the National Landscape
Ensure full expenditure of funding allocation for UVA for Ofgem DPCR-05 period (2010 – 2015)
Deliver at least 2 UVA projects per year under Ofgem RIIO-ED1 (2015 -2023)