Priority Peat

Priority Peat 2013

Getting a handle on the peat restoration work to be completed in Bowland

Throughout 2013, work was carried out to assess the current condition of the major moorland areas within the Forest of Bowland National Landscape area. This work concluded in 2013 and the final report can be found here.  Working with farmers, land owners, colleagues from the Environment Agency, Lancashire County Council, United Utilities and Natural England, the work looked at each of the fells in and around the Bowland Fells Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Site visits, aerial photographs and on-the-ground knowledge were used to deduce what, if any, moorland restoration is needed on each fell, in order to ensure the ongoing nature conservation, carbon storage, water purification, recreation, upland farming and shooting value of the fells.
The work helped to target available funding to specific projects within the area, thus continuing the work outlined on the past Peat Restoration project page.  For further information contact

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Priority Peat 2014 – details from further afieldBare peat on Holcolme Moor

Following the completion of the Forest of Bowland Priority Peat work in 2013, the project was extended to moorland areas of Lancashire outside of the National Landscape. With funding from the Environment Agency and support from the National Landscape, work was completed to detail the restoration work still to be done on the West Pennine Moors and further east in Rossendale. A copy of the report can be found here. The report will be used to help prioritise work on the ground as funding opportunities arise, and this work is part of how the National Landscape is supporting the Lancashire Peat Partnership.


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