Surveys of plant species at risk in the AONB

Description of activity

The BD working group T & F group met to look at survey data. The Lancashire Botany Group have been active in the AONB for many years, and have counted and recorded sites and individuals of scarce species during this time, a fantastic resource.

Survey data (inc counts and locations) is available for a number of plant species, and the following were prioritised for action: Greater Butterfly orchid (1 known location remaining, population of 10-20 individuals); Globeflower (4-5 known locations, total population in the 100's); Juniper (3 known locations, population of 7-9 individuals).

Other species which are regularly monitored by the group include birds eye primrose, grass of Parnassus, tea leaved willow.

Expected outcomes of activity

Greater understanding of the populations of these species

Activity date
1st November 2014 to 31st December 2014
Other Partners
Lancashire Botany Group