Update position of SSSI condition status for the AONB

Description of activity

The AONB contains xxxx SSSIs cover ing a total of xxxxxha. Of this, as of  [date]NE have calculated for us that ????% are in favourable condition; ????% are in unfavourable recovering condition; ????% are in unfavourable no change condition and ????% are in unfavourable declining condition.

Unfavourable no change - New Ings Meadow, Bolton by Bowland (low frequency of indicator species and high grass:herb ratio)

Unfavourable declining - units 5, 6, 15, 50 of Bowland Fells (low numbers of breeding black backed gulls)

Unfavourable declining - Clear Beck Meadow, Wray (low frequnecy of indicator species, increase in grass:herb ratio, hymalayan balsam infestation, increase in rush cover)

Expected outcomes of activity

Clear route to target delivery

Activity date
6th January 2016