Lord of Bowland Annual Lectures

The Lord of Bowland Annual Lectures take place in early October each year.  William Bowland has hosted the following Annual Lectures at Browsholme, Whitewell, Newton and Slaidburn:

  • 2011 - William Bowland, The Lordship of Bowland: Nine Centuries of Rise, Decline & Renewal 
  • 2012 - Chris Spencer, The Lord King of Bowland, his Courthouse and Court
  • 2013 - Dr Nigel Neil, Bowland's Medieval Deer Parks
  • 2014 - William Bowland, The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways: Thomas Jolley & Nonconformity in Bowland
  • 2015 - Christopher Gibbs, The Bowland Forest Suite
  • 2016 - Dr Fiona Edmonds, Scandinavians and Celts: The Birth of Medieval Bowland
  • 2017 - Robert Parker, The Parkers of Browsholme: Bowbearers of Bolland
  • 2018 - Dr Rick Peterson, The Prehistory of Bowland 
  • 2019 - Dr Bill Shannon, The Forest of Bowland under the Tudors and Stuarts 
  • 2021 - Dr Nick Riley MBE, Maps, Mines and Minerals: 25,000 Years of Bowland History
  • 2022 - Dr Sophie Ambler, John de Lacy: Rebel, Crusader and Lord of Bowland in the Age of Magna Carta 

For more information about the Lord of Bowland's next Annual Lecture, contact Sandra Silk, Forest of Bowland National Landscape, Root Hill Estate Yard, Dunsop Bridge, BB7 3AY, 01200 448000, sandra.silk@lancashire.gov.uk