Hay Time Rescue Project

Description of activity: 

This project aims to identify a minimum of 3 threatened hay meadow species; propagate & bolster species numbers in their historic locations through plug planting.

Working with LERN and Lancashire Botany Group on historic records of floral species, and previously identified declining species; 5 suitable species were identified: Globe flower, melancholy thistle, bird's eye primrose, saw wort and dyers' greenweed. These are species with a sustainable source for seed collection within the Forest of Bowland. 

The seed has been propagated by volunteers with a view to planting plug plants out by September 2019.

Expected outcomes of activity: 

The population of five declining hay meadow flora in Bowland will have their numbers bolstered, and hopefully sustained if not increased.

Activity date: 
1st November 2018
Other Partners: 
Kew Millennium Seed Bank