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During the 2017/18 season nine hedge laying sessions took place involving 38 people with a total of 424m of hedge laid between four sites:

Crook O'Lune, Lancaster - 91m

Fell View Campsite, Scorton - 136m

Higher Gills Farm, Rimington - 115m

Lane Side Farm, West Bradford - 82m

Encouragingly, the sessions attracted a mix of regular volunteers alongside some new faces.  Some people traveled a considerable distance to attend the days, which reflects the value these sessions are given.

The weather was particularly snowy/wet during the early part of 2018, which resulted in a number of sessions being cancelled and re-scheduled.

Poor weather also led to the cancellation of this year's Bowland Hedge Laying Competition, which is organised by the Lancashire and Westmorland Hedge Laying Association.

8th November 2017 to 22nd March 2018


3.3 Visitor Management
Action Targets and Timescales Partners
3.3A Continue to facilitate meetings between relevant partners regarding access and visitor management for popular visitor sites (e.g. Upper Hodder Management Group, Pendle Hill Advisory Group)
At least 1 meeting per year of Management Groups