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In medieval England the Royal Forests were owned by the monarch and kept for their private hunting. In many of these forests, including what is now the Forest of Bowland National Landscape, fallow deer were kept for hunting in a 'deer park' which was enclosed by a ditch and/or fence, called a 'pale'. These forest deer parks, and those of the gentry elsewhere, varied greatly in size from as little as 10 to over 1000 hectares.
Because of their long existence - several hundreds of years – they helped to shape the surrounding road network and settlement patterns and their boundaries can often still be traced today in our modern landscape.

Research in the Forest of Bowland has been looking at two known deer parks at Radholme and Leagram, which existed between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. The research has been focussed on finding out more about the establishment and management of the parks, when they were disparked, and what has happened to them since.

The curriculum information below has been designed to be used for KS2 pupils as part of the History topic 'Tudor Times'. It focuses on a real historical character, Edward Stanley, who was park keeper of both Leagram and Radholme deer parks in the Royal Forest of Bowland between 1487 and 1523, and a soldier for both Henry VII and Henry VIII. A fictional scenario has been developed around Stanley and Henry VIII – helping you to bring the deer parks of Bowland to life!
The curriculum web below was developed for the National Landscape by Glynis Goldsbrough.

Art Ann Marsden
Creative Curriculum 
Design Technology
Learning Beyond the Classroom

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Creative Curriculum

Problem solving
Creative thinking
Information processing
AttributesElizabeth Stanley
Self- awareness
Managing feelings
Social skills

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Design Technology

Design and make a seal (pdf) from Lancashire Archives

GeographyJane Stanley

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  • John MarsdenCompare and contrast life in and around the Forest of Bowland now and in Tudor Times when the deer parks were still managed by Park Keepers appointed by the Monarch See Tudor Monarchs ppt presentation and Leap in the Park Report (pdf)
  • Find out about  Edward Stanley and his association with  Henry VII and later Henry VIII, and his position of Park Keeper for Leagram and Radholme Parks - Edward Stanley and Henry VII Recording Sheets
  • Learn about Henry VIII’s love of hunting and feasting. Make use of Power Point slides- Food in Tudor Times and Henry VIII’S Hobbies (ppt) and Tudor Food Notes (pdf)
  • Make use of modern census records to see which, if any, of the medieval family names still feature in the area today.  Deer Park Family Names (pdf)
  • Listen to the Tudor Audio Clips on the BBC website


  •  Access information from websites using search engines
  • Create Photo Stories and Power Point slides
  • Take digital images to add to work

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Learning Beyond the ClassroomThomas Stanley

  • Visit the Lancashire Archives 
  • Visit to Laund Farm- contact the Stott Family : 01995 61348 • 07976 935880
  • Visit a  forest area as link to studying woodland management now and then


Speaking and Listening



  • Letter writing- letter from Edward Stanley to Sir Richard Empson about the proposed increase in rent
  • Letter from Edward Stanley to Henry VIII inviting the young king to visit Hornby Castle and go hunting in Leagram Deer Park
  • Recounts- A day working in the park as  William Marsden or his father
  • Recount – A days hunting or out poaching see Jennie Anderson’s Hunting Scene (jpg image) and Poaching Scene (jpg image) and Hunting Photo Story (ppt)
  • Poetry- descriptions of the landscape/the excitement of the hunt/the beauty of fallow deer see Fallow Deer Photo Story (ppt)


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Experience Tudor music and find out what instruments were being played

Opportunities for exploring the sounds of the Bowland Forest- rustling leaves, undergrowth, wind through the trees and grassland, rutting deer etc. or Bowland habitats (view slideshows with audio)


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Leap in the Park website Website  
1608 map Jpg 33kb
Leagram Map and Radholme Map Pdf 3.4mb & 3.1mb
Jennie Anderson’s archaeological drawings Pdf 665kb
Jennie’s notes about her work Pdf 126kb
Jennie Anderson's website Website  
Jennie Anderson’s Hunting Scene & Poaching Scene Jpg 62kb & 76kb
Design and make a seal Pdf 117kb
Lancashire Archives Website  
Deer Park Place Names Pdf 49kb
Place Name Bingo Pdf 67kb
Tudor Monarchs Ppt 4.12mb
Edward Stanley and Henry VII Recording Sheets Pdf 90kb & 64kb
Food in Tudor Times Ppt 2.56mb
Tudor Food Notes Pdf 121kb
Deer Park Family Names Pdf 47kb
Tudor Audio Clips Website  
Role play scenarios Pdf 110kb
Character Profiles Pdf 22kb
Court Script Pdf 148kb
Hunting Photo Story Pdf 833kb
Bowland habitats/environments Website
Fallow Deer Photo Story Pdf 958kb