Landscape Character Assessment

The National Landscape Management Plan for the Forest of Bowland (2009-14) identified a need to carry out a detailed assessment of the local distinctiveness of the National Landscape at scale of 1:25,000. In December 2008, Lancashire County Council commissioned Chris Blandford Associates to prepare a Landscape Character Assessment for the Forest of Bowland National Landscape. The study was jointly funded by a Steering Group consisting of Natural England, Forest of Bowland National Landscape and Lancashire County Council.

The Landscape Character Assessment has confirmed the diversity of the Forest of Bowland's landscapes, identifying, mapping and describing 14 Landscape Character Types and 82 Landscape Character Areas within only 803 square kilometres.

This Assessment seeks to provide a framework for developing a shared understanding of the current character of the Study Area's landscapes and its future management needs.  It is intended to be a reference document for everyone with an interest in the future planning and management of the National Landscape including residents, businesses, national and local agencies, farmers and other land managers. The Assessment also seeks to provide an inspirational source of ideas and guidance to help encourage locally appropriate management and use of land in ways that conserve and/or enhance valued features of the landscape. In this way, the Assessment will provide an evidence base against which proposals for change can be judged in an objective and transparent manner.

View a Landscape Character Assessment map of the Forest of Bowland National Landscape

The link below takes you to a 4 seperate pdfs of the report, in time we are hoping to develop these pages so this work can be more interactive - watch this space!

Landscape Character Assessment Report

Section 1: Introduction - Chapters 1 - 3 (pdf 3.37mb)

Section 2: Landsape Classification - Chapter 4 (pdf 3.37mb)

Section 3: Landscape Change - Chapters 5 - 6 (pdf 200kb)

Section 4: Appendices (pdf 600kb)

If you have problems downloading the files and would like a cd containing the full report please email to request a copy.