EU LIFE+ bids

Description of activity

In autumn 2014 an £8M EU LIFE+ bid covering the whole of the Pennine Chain (and including £1.4M of work in Bowland over 8 sites) was submitted. In the summer of 2015 we had word that whilst the bid passed the threshold, there was insufficient budget available to fund the work. With very positive and detailed feedback, the decision was made to resubmit in Autumn 2015. The revised bid has £1.14M on three sites in Bowland, with the decision due in summer 2016.

Update - the second submission was rejected and the decision was taken to try a third time. This submission was made in September 2016. The decision is due in mid-2017.

Update - the third submission was successful, with Bowland including three sites, Holmes House (Bleasdale), Hareden (UU) & Langden (UU) included for works from 2018 onwards. Project Officer in place, Chris Miller, as of late 2017, starting off with detailed ground truthing and drone survey.

Activity date
12th October 2016