Take to the Skies

Soaring peacefully on the thermals high above the hills, over farmland, rivers and pastures, is a truly remarkable way of capturing all the varied scenery that Bowland has to offer.


See Bowland from the air with Bowland Forest Gliding club based at the foot of Parlick fell near Chipping. Trial lessons are available for the inexperienced. For more information contact Bowland Forest Gliding Club on 01995 61267, or visit the Bowland Forest Gliding Club website (www.bfgc.co.uk).


Bowland offers some of the best soaring sites in the country at Pendle Hill, Longridge Fell and Parklick, although restrictions must be adhered to. For more information visit the Pennine Soaring Club website (www.penninesoaringclub.org.uk).

Hot Air Ballooning

Float over the scenic countryside at heights of between 500 and 5000 feet. For more information contact the Pendle Balloon Company on 01254 247014, or visit Pendle Hot Air Balloons or Balloons over Lancashire on 01772 601525 or visit Balloons Over Lancashire