A Strong Connection between People and the Landscape


Wide-ranging opportunities for enjoyment and increased understanding provided within the AONB; to enable a diverse range of people to enjoy and keep special this outstanding landscape.



3.1 Countryside Access

  • 3.1A Review and update the current network of strategic and AONB 'Promoted Routes' (for walking, cycling, horse-riding, trampers etc.) at least annually, giving consideration to new or improved routes and removal of routes under pressure Read more
  • 3.1B Continue to undertake PRoW/access improvement surveys, identifying and acting upon opportunities for improvement Read more
  • 3.1C Seek to install least restrictive access furniture and to provide appropriate signage on strategic and AONB 'Promoted Routes' Read more

3.2 Public Rights of Way and Access Land

  • 3.1D Continue to identify and facilitate the development of strategic routes linking neighbouring urban areas and other visitor destinations to the AONB, with priority given to: l extension Lune Valley multi-use route l extensions to North Lancashire bridleway l Settle (Pennine Bridleway) to Gisburn Forest link Read more
  • 3.1E Identify external funding sources to support the development of new strategic routes and submit bids, where appropriate Read more
  • 3.2A Support the review and implementation of the Rights of Way Improvement Plans (both Lancashire and North Yorkshire), where funding allows Read more
  • 3.2B Support the management of, and access to 'Access Land' in the AONB Read more
  • 3.2C Maintain well-managed PRoW, making necessary repairs to strategic routes or AONB 'Promoted Routes', where funding permits Read more
  • 3.2D Continue the development of involving local volunteers to help maintain and enhance the PRoW network, particularly on AONB 'promoted routes' Read more
  • 3.2E Support the Parish Lengthsman (or similar) Schemes to undertake maintenance and improvement of PRoW network Read more
  • 3.2F Play an active role in the Lancashire Fire Operations Group in developing and maintaining fire plans for moorland areas and raising awareness of the threat posed by moorland wildfires in the AONB Read more

3.3 Visitor Management

  • 3.3A Continue to facilitate meetings between relevant partners regarding access and visitor management for popular visitor sites (e.g. Upper Hodder Management Group, Pendle Hill Advisory Group) Read more
  • 3.3B Develop and share best practice amongst countryside site managers and management groups (e.g. Friends groups)to consider development of visitor facilities, minimising impact on landscape and biodiversity and refreshing signage and interpretation with AONB 'messages', wherever possible Read more
  • 3.3C Investigate the potential to link 'honeypot' site projects with 'visitor-giving' schemes Read more

3.4 Information and Publicity

  • 3.4A Continue to develop high quality content and resources on the AONB website as both a visitor and partnership resource, providing a 'hub' for up-to-date information Read more
  • 3.4B Review and rationalise leaflet production and distribution, where resources allow, re-print existing and produce new leaflets Read more
  • 3.4C Review AONB Discovery Guide and re-issue if funding permits Read more
  • 3.4D Promote the Countryside Code to visitors with clear messages communicated through all AONB and partner communications channels Read more
  • 3.4E Engage with public transport operating companies to develop ticketing promotions and publicity e.g. rail links to the AONB (Manchester Victoria - Clitheroe and Leeds - Morecambe lines) Read more

3.5 Branding and Identity

  • 3.5A Investigate options for a refresh of the AONB brand, which maintains a strong identity; and implement if resources allow Read more
  • 3.5B Review and update AONB branding guidelines, in line with any 'refresh' of the AONB branding Read more
  • 3.5C Continue to develop and maintain a diverse library of AONB images Read more
  • 3.5D Continue to re-instate, replace or renovate boundary signs on key routes into the AONB, where necessary and funding permits Read more
  • 3.5E Ensure that AONB gateway sites (e.g. country parks, market towns, nature reserves) and tourism businesses open to the public continue to carry AONB literature Read more
  • 3.5F Develop and maintain relationships with specialist media in promoting the AONB as sustainable tourism destination Read more
  • 3.5G Raise awareness of public transport amongst tourism operators and businesses and tourist information staff Read more

3.6 Audience Development

  • 3.6A Support and promote an annual Festival Bowland programme of partner-led events for both visitors and local communities Read more
  • 3.6B Support and promote externally-organised events that help raise awareness of AONB objectives Read more
  • 3.6C Develop an outreach project (particularly working in neighbouring urban areas) to encourage new audiences that traditionally do not know about or visit the AONB to engage with the Bowland landscape through events and activities Read more
  • 3.6D Promote (and support where funding permits) public transport links, particularly with neighbouring urban areas, such as. Lancaster, Morecambe, Blackpool, Fleetwood and the East Lancashire towns Read more
  • 3.6E Support the development of arts and culture based projects and events, using local artists and craftspeople wherever possible, to raise awareness and promote understanding of the Bowland landscape Read more
  • 3.6F Maintain and update information on 'open farms', particularly those providing educational access through Environmental Stewardship Schemes Read more
  • 3.6G Develop education resources and activities for teachers and lecturers at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) Read more