Resilient and Sustainable Communities


Sustainable communities and businesses that are strongly linked to their localities and actively involved in AONB projects and management.



2.1 Farming and Land Management

  • 2.1A Provide appropriate support and guidance on landscape, biodiversity and access for farmers and land managers who deliver agri-environment scheme agreements Read more
  • 2.1B Continue to support the development of the 'Bowland Land Managers Forum' to represent the land management sector locally, regionally and nationally (e.g. influencing the development and implementation of local rural development programmes in Lancashire and North Yorkshire) Read more
  • 2.1C Disseminate information on the work of the Bowland Land Managers Forum to wider audience within the land management sector Read more
  • 2.1D Develop collaborative land management projects involving farmers and major landowners in the AONB (e.g. restoration of black grouse/grey partridge, pilot predator control areas for ground-nesting birds, woodfuel, training & apprenticeships) Read more
  • 2.1E Carry out monitoring and recording of environmental benefits achieved through agri-environment schemes to inform other farmers and non farmers on the benefits from upland hill farming Read more
  • 2.1F Work with Natural England and Defra to develop landscape-specific management options and agreements for the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (NELMS) Read more
  • 2.1G Develop funding bids to support training and apprenticeships programme in countryside management and traditional rural skills Read more
  • 2.1H Support the development of local woodfuel economy, linked to improved woodland management and focusing on smaller and less-accessible sites Read more
  • 2.1I Broker discussions with Natural England on future direction of moorland management in Bowland, particularly in relation to grazing and burning/cutting regimes and bracken control Read more
  • 2.1J Support Lancashire Fire Operations Group (FOG) to encourage good practice in upland heather burning by providing training opportunities for land managers in the AONB Read more

2.2 Local Economy and Rural Services

  • 2.2A Play an active role in Local Enterprise Partnerships' developing rural agendas e.g. rural growth and development programmes Read more
  • 2.2B Maintain and update existing databases of information on local producers, tourism businesses, artists and craftspeople Read more
  • 2.2C Continue to support Bowland Experience Ltd Read more
  • 2.2D To support and encourage businesses to be 'Sustainable Tourism Partners' in the AONB Read more
  • 2.2E Continue to recruit businesses to GTBS or other recognised green accreditation schemes Read more
  • 2.2F Develop an effective way of collecting and disseminating tourism related data for the AONB Read more
  • 2.2G Continue to collate and disseminate performance data from businesses within the BEx network Read more
  • 2.2H Review membership of European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (EUROPARC) Read more
  • 2.2I Continue to coordinate and support the Sustainable Tourism Forum Read more

2.3 Community Engagement

  • 2.3A Raise the profile of services and support offered by the AONB Partnership amongst community groups, parish councils and local businesses Read more
  • 2.3B Support communities in undertaking projects and activities which help to conserve, enhance, celebrate and interpret the local environment within the AONB landscape Read more
  • 2.3C Assist communities to identify sources of funding to resource the delivery of community projects and activities Read more
  • 2.3D Raise the profile of community projects and activities where appropriate, through all AONB Partnership communications channels Read more
  • 2.3E Continue to support local parish lengthsman schemes within the AONB to assist in the conservation and enhancement of AONB communities Read more
  • 2.3F Establish new funding sources for the local parish lengthsman schemes to supplement AONB support Read more
  • 2.3G Support the development of ' Friends of Bowland' group as a focus for volunteering activity with the AONB Read more
  • 2.3H Continue to support the involvement of volunteer rangers in managing recreational facilities in the AONB (e.g. Bowland Visitor Centre at Beacon Fell) Read more
  • 2.3I Manage the AONB Sustainable Development Fund Read more
  • 2.3J Continue to support and develop further the opportunities for visitor giving and fundraising through Champion Bowland to raise awareness of the AONB and its special qualities Read more
  • 2.3K Raise awareness of the AONB's 50th Anniversary (2014) by encouraging partners, communities and businesses to celebrate and link with the anniversary year Read more

2.4 Sustainable Tourism

  • 2.4A Develop resources and a series of training sessions to enable businesses to develop bespoke visitor experiences from their door e.g. rainy day guides, car free itineraries, access opportunities Read more
  • 2.4B Investigate new ways for tourism businesses to network that complement face-to-face networking opportunities Read more
  • 2.4C Continue to offer and further develop the Sense of Place training and familiarisation visits for businesses Read more
  • 2.4D Continue to encourage local retailers, pubs and restaurants to source, stock and utilise and promote local produce Read more
  • 2.4E Encourage and support local authorities to develop and promote 'Top 10' AONB visitor experiences which are accessible from gateway towns and cities Read more
  • 2.4F Identify and promote opportunities based on seasonal activities to help encourage year-round (or 'off-peak') tourism - e.g. seasonal routes/trails, seasonal produce, bird-watching, fishing, geo-tourism and dark skies) Read more
  • 2.4G Continue to support the development of business clusters in the provision and marketing of 'tourism packages' e.g. Bowland wildlife website and Gisburn Forest Bike trails Read more
  • 2.4H Continue to develop, promote and review downloadable routes for the website, including access for all, walking, cycling & horse riding; encouraging use of public transport wherever possible Read more
  • 2.4I Support opportunities to develop and promote 'Gisburn Forest and Stocks' as a destination for cycling, walking and riding Read more
  • 2.4J Investigate the role of mobile technologies to provide an enhanced visitor experience, recognising the limitations of the telecommunications network in the AONB Read more
  • 2.4K Continue to work with tourism operators and businesses to develop car-free activities and walks from the businesses e.g. business-specific downloadable route maps Read more