Digging it Down on the Farm

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

New Laund Farm VisitIn class the children researched the area of the farm and how it had changed from prehistoric times through to the medieval period and on to the present day. Then, in July, they jumped on a coach and journeyed to the Hodder valley to take a look at the farm for themselves.
During their visit they enjoyed a tour of the farm with farmer, John Alpe and then took to the fields to find out all about the exciting archaeology project being carried out by Uclan.
The children were even able to join lecturer, Rick Peterson, andNew Laund Farm Visit students at the dig, helping them to trowel, scrape and brush away soil on the site of the latest excavations.  A fantastic opportunity for any budding Indiana Jones'!


New Laund Farm Visit


Landscape for life

Forest of Bowland

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